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Advice for Vision Mixers

Below is some advice which might help you when you are cutting a live story...

  • Try to make sure you use specific fingers for specific cameras... that way you will not need to keep looking down at your fingers and can look for your next picture.

  • Do not pay too much attention to the on air picture... if you are looking at that, you will not be looking for the next shot.

  • Make sure you always have a soft pencil and rubber with you and make clear and concise notes about what you need to do on your script. Good notes will help you keep your head when things get complicated.

  • Sometimes the person listening may be of more interest than the person talking. Remember we can hear the person talking, but if the listener is not shown, we will never know how they are reacting to what is being said.

  • You should always have a reason for cutting. This is called motivation and with practice you will be able to see the visual and audio cues which provide motivation.

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