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Things you might know about video...

Here are some interesting things you might not know about video.... why not book a course and learn more.

  • All interlaced TV systems use an odd number of lines so that interlacing will be automatic.

  • SD video has a pixel count of just over 414,000 pixels, which means it has a resolution of just over 0.4M pixels.

  • The eye sees colour in Red Green and Blue (RGB), but our brains think as Hue, Luminance and Saturation (HLS), so a conversion takes place between eye and brain.

  • Most current video systems work with component video. This uses Luma and two ‘colour difference’ signals which are mathematical values containing pure colour information and can be displayed in a way that allows us to perceive hue and saturation.

  • The ‘Brightness’ control on a TV also appears on most broadcast equipment under different names, such as Setup, Sit, Black Level, Black Pedestal or Lift.

  • ‘Contrast’ can be called Video Level, Exposure or Gain and is also mechanically controlled by the iris of a camera.

  • When working with component video, we can create nearly 6 times more colours than can be displayed on a monitor.

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