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TV Systems and Technology

Course Description

A course which looks at the structure and technology behind a broadcast infrastructure. The course will provide a chance to look at the chain and system in a technical way which will provide technicians and engineers with a good idea of the equipment and systems they have under their control. 

Course Duration: 2 days.

Course Outcomes

At the end of the course, you will understand:

  • How a TV station is structured to link everything together in a workable way.
  • How a multi-camera studio or truck is structured to produce timed output and a flexible and quick way of producing live content.
  • How lines, links and distribution systems all media to arrive and leave the station or truck.
  • How post and archive systems use data storage systems to provide access to content.
  • How playout systems and delivery platforms are structured to make sure that content delivery is resilient.

Prior Knowledge

This course is designed for technical or operational staff who want to have a good understanding of the systems they will work with. It assumes that those attending will already have a good working knowledge of video and audio and digital systems.

Course Outline

The topics covered will include:

  • Synchronisation, pulse chains, signal duplication and distribution.
  • Matrixes and routing systems.
  • Data storage and MAM systems.
  • Cables, connectors and jackfields.
  • Card racks, looping devices and processors.
  • Systems diagrams.
  • Communications systems.
  • Playout Systems and automation.
  • Delivery systems, including analogue and DVB.
  • Contribution systems, including fibre, microwave and satellite.

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