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Team Building Courses

At Training for TV we love the business of making TV programs... it is creative, exciting, fast, and a great team activity. We wanted to share this experience with everyone, so we have developed two team building courses which are great fun to attend and allow anyone to experience the delights of making TV programs. 

The courses offer a great day out for those wanting to bond in a new and different environment. They also provide a brilliant way to learn about the broadcast business.

The courses are also very useful to those working in the TV industry, but in a support capacity. What better way to better understand your industry can there be, than to experience what your colleagues do and find out how the programs are made.

Team building programmes include:

  • The TV Magic Show, where you will get to make an 'as live' studio program, experiencing a range of jobs both in front and behind the camera. 
  • Shoot the Story, where you come up with an idea, then plan, shoot and edit a short news or magazine style story.

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