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Studio Directing Tips

  • Talk to your team kindly and share your ideas... remember that people work best when you praise them and feel included.... and a thank you is always well received.

  • Beware of microphones and talkback systems... they may be live or have been left on from a previous program.... and you do not know where they are routed or who is listening.

  • Make a detailed running order for your program, so that you know exactly what you want. Build it up in time segments, so that it can be controlled.

  • Plan you rehearsal time carefully, so that you make time to rehearse everything. Stick to the schedule, even if an item is left before you are fully satisfied.... it is better to get all of the show 90% right, than to get some of it 100% right and the rest fall apart!

  • Always try to work from the directors seat... that way you will be in full command and everyone will know what you have instructed. Leaving your seat to speak directly to a member of the team should be a last resort when you cannot work things out any other way, because it leaves the ship adrift and the team may not understand what you are doing.

  • Be clear about calling instructions. Always use the correct terms. Confusion leads to chaos.

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Knowledge for TV Professionals