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Music Directing and Scripting Advice

  • Good preparation is the key to a successful script.
  • Get the music well in advance and break it down into verses, choruses and instrumental sections. 

  • Most music will break into 8 bar blocks, so when you try and work out how many bars there are in each segment it will probably be 8,16, 24, etc..

  • When counting the bars and beats, count 1-234, 2-234, 3-234, 4-234, etc... to make sure you don’t loose count of the bars. If you might get distracted, use your fingers to keep tally as well.

  • Make a plan of where your cameras will be and draw lines for the cables back to the studio wall, so that you don’t end up with crossed cables!

  • Try to get your shots to follow the musical line... so don’t cut in the middle of a phrase or vocal line.

  • Try to script shots which have a beginning and end. It always looks more natural to allow a shot to settle before you move to the next. 

  1. Try to make sure each cameras next shot starts reasonably close to the finish point of the previous shot... or make sure they have lots of time to move.


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