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Multi-Camera Music

Course Description

A course for Production Assistants and Directors who want to be able to accurately reproduce a complex set of instructions in a musical environment. It will teach you how to produce and deliver musical scripts which include accurate bar timings.

Course Duration: 4 days.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course you be able to:

  • Listen to a track and use it to write a musical camera script.
  • Be able to identify good places to put transitions and be able to accurately describe them in terms of bars and beats.
  • Count a live track and provide correct timing information to the crew about the shots they are producing.

Prior Knowledge

This is an advanced course for experienced PA’s and directors who want to develop the specialist skills required to produce live music in the multi-camera environment. Good scripting skills and/or a good knowledge of multi-camera production is essential.

Course Outline

The topics covered will include:

  • How to break down a musical track, using bars and beats.
  • Understanding motivation in the musical genres.
  • Creating the bar count.
  • Script layout.
  • Camera cards.
  • Counting the track in studio.


  • This course can have an optional extra day for those who wish to learn how to cope with classical music where a full musical score is used.


  • The course will differ slightly for directors and PA’s. Although many of the basic skills and knowledge will be common. The directors have an emphasis on script creation and delivery, where as the PA’s will work more on transcription of ideas and live counting in the studio. 


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