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Location Shooting Skills

Course Description

A introductory course for location cameramen. It covers basic single camera skills, setup and practice. How to shoot a sequence and to produce images which the editor will be able to cut. Lighting with minimal lights, and gathering good sound. Safety on location.

Course Duration: 5 days.

Course Outcomes

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Check a camera and setup it up for recording a days work.
  • Check, setup and using a lens.
  • Check, setup and effectively use gun and personal microphones to gather tight, clean sound.
  • Plan a short sequence and list the shots you will need to gather.
  • place your camera suitably for each shot, so that previous and subsequent shots will cut together at the edit.
  • Undertake a basic risk assessment and identify obvious hazards and know when to ask for advice or help.

Prior Knowledge

This is an introductory level course which assumes no prior knowledge, however, those attending would certainly benefit from the introductory courses in video and audio, in order to provide underpinning knowledge which will help improve understanding of pictures and sound.  

Course Outline

The topics covered will include:

  • Camera settings: white balance, shutter, neutral density and gain. Memories and fliters.
  • Setting up a tripod: Using the legs and spreader, frictions, ball joints
  • Lens settings: focus, depth of field, iris and zoom. Back focus and fitting different lenses and remotes.
  • Setting a recorder: timecode, audio inputs, formatting cards, checking bars and tone.
  • Setting audio: Mic and line, levels, phantom power, checking miss, fitting windshields, using radio mics.
  • Planning a shoot. Thinking ahead. Safety and risk assessment.
  • Sequences and the shots required: GV’s, establishing shots, close ups, cutaways, the line and not crossing it. Shooting with movement. 
  • Exercises in set pieces: The interview, the press conference, the arrival, walking shots.
  • Introduction to basic lighting.


Intermediate and Advanced level location shooting courses can be organised on request. These specialise in longer form program making and look specifically at more varied camera styles, techniques and operations providing a practical course where delegates are encouraged to develop their skills in both planning and operational side of shooting.

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