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Introduction to Audio

Course Description

The Introduction to Audio training course provides an introduction/update. It looks at Sound and Audio and it’s significance to the program making process. It provides a strong footing on which to build skills and the ability to communicate with other people about sound and technical issues. It provides knowledge and understanding essential for any operator, technician or engineer working in a professional broadcast or program making environment.

Course Duration: 3 days.

Course Outcomes

At the end of the course you will understand:

  • the relationship between physics and music of sound.
  • how we measure sound.
  • Read a meter and understand it’s relationship to other types of meter.
  • the different types of microphones and how/when to use them.
  • the basics of sound processing, sound desks.

Course Outline

The topics covered will include:

  • The basics of sound:
    • The ear and how we hear.
    • pitch, loudness and quality.
    • Frequency, amplitude and harmonic structure.
    • Stereo and the sound image.
    • Acoustics and the behaviour of sound.
  • Creating audio signals:
    • The audio signal.
    • Stereo - AB and MS.
    • Metering
  • Microphones and Loudspeakers:
    • Principles of Microphones and loudspeakers.
    • Polar patterns.
    • Phantom power.
  • Working with audio:
    • Mic and line.
    • Channels and routing.
    • Auxilliaries
    • EQ
    • Dynamics
    • Effects.
  • Audio Systems:
    • Connectors and patchfields.
    • Normalling.
    • Mixed Minus/Cleanfeeds.
    • Comms systems.
  • Analogue audio v Digital audio.
  • Digital audio types and practicalities.
    • Sampling rates
    • Bit depths.
    • Data Rates.
    • Standards and uses.
  • Audio files and compression:
    • Audio file types.
    • Perceptual coding.
    • Predictive coding.
    • Code book coding.

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