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Some interesting HD facts

  • HDSDI signals (HD digital video) are limited in most copper cables to about 70m before they become unusable. Any further, and they will need to be reshaped in a small distribution amplifier.

  • HD signals will travel much longer distances in fibres, so they are now common in TV stations and studios to avoid the problem of signal loss.

  • At present we cannot easily produce 1080p pictures... although much of the system can handle it, the 3Gb bandwidth is still not really practical for mass distribution.

  • ‘HD Ready’ TV sets will accept HD video signals, but may not have an HD display. If you want to see true HD pictures, you need to buy a 1080p set.

  • 720p HD uses the same 1.5Gb bandwidth as 1080i HD.... and when there is a lot of movement in the picture, it can actually look sharper than it’s higher resolution cousin.

  • the 1080i TV standard was first used in Japan in the late 1980’s. This was before before digital video, so a single signal was recorded using four old 1” C format reel to reel VTR’s.

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