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Training Courses

At Training for TV, we aim to customise all of our courses to specifically meet the needs of the customer.

Every course is unique and will reflect the needs of the organisation, as well as the specific requirements of the delegates attending. However, trying to identify the content you require can be difficult, so in the course menu, you will find outlines of modules we think make a good starting point.

Please use the outlines to help create your perfect training solution. Some modules may already meet your requirements perfectly, but do feel free to pick and choose and let us know what you do want and what you might not need…. it could be a collection of whole modules, or may be that you need only parts of a module… Either way, we can then help you to refine your choices and end up with the training solution you need.

We have split the topics up into categories to indicate who we think they are principally aimed at... however, do not feel that you cannot select a production skills module for technical staff, or technical content for non-technical production staff. as long as we know the target audience, we will make sure we teach the topic in an appropriate style and still deliver the outcomes you need.

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