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Training for TV offers a range of consultancy services to help you deliver a skilled and knowledgable workforce.

  • Training design, production and support for large projects. 

At Training for TV, we are always happy to help produce new training courses. For many large projects, the scale of delivery makes it too expensive or difficult to have professional trainers deliver the whole project. We can help you to identify your training needs, design the courses and produce the content. We can then help select, develop and mentor a small team to deliver the training content to their colleagues.

  • Training needs analysis in specialist areas.

We can help with training needs analysis. Although many have training analysis skills, applying them in a specialist area or highly technical subject can be very time consuming and difficult. As experts in both television and training, we understand the subject can offer an insight which may speed the process and improve results.

  • Design and support for in-house internships and traineeships.

We are living in a world where expert skills are becoming increasingly in short supply, so why not use a trainee scheme where new recruits are developed, trained and mentored to meet your own specific needs. At training for TV, we can help your HR and development staff put together the knowledge, skills and experience elements of a first class internship, using a skills program and mentors to supplement formal training, develop skills, monitor and assess progress.

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