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Advice from our Video Compression Courses....

  • Compressed files may be stored inside a wrapper such as Quicktime (.mov) or MXF. The wrapper holds all the parts together and provides instructions about how to play the content.

  • Intra-frame compression systems work on individual frames. They provide a lower compression ratio, but are much easier to handle in post.

  • Inter-frame compression systems work on groups of pictures (GOP’s). They provide a higher compression ratio but will need a lot effort to encode or decode.

  • Be careful about mixing compression systems. Each has it’s own different way of saving space, so when mixed, these can cause issues by interfering with each other. This is called concatenation.    

  • Workflow is the buzzword in digital television. It is about working out an effective way to use the systems and get a good result which will keep quality high and deliver results in a cost effective way. Getting the compression right is a key part of workflow.

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