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About Us

Training for TV does exactly what it says... it provides training to the television industry... be it technical, operations or creative. We turn art into science and science into art in order to help broadcasters and program makers better understand the skills and knowledge needed to make and deliver great content.

At Training for TV, all our courses are custom designed to meet the clients individual needs. We create our courses from the information provided by our customers, supplemented with in-depth knowledge and experience of our own work in the industry. We can then asses what is needed and make sure we provide focused training which helps attendees to understand the subject in way which enhances the business and helps them to use their new knowledge and skills effectively. We customise all of our courses to match the systems which are used locally and we filter the information to make sure that it is wholly relevant to the operation. So every course is unique and will provide content which meets the needs of the individuals attending.

We are a truly international training operation having delivered courses in over 25 different countries and at many large television stations. On each site, we not only teach, but learn. Our trainers are always looking to enhance their understanding, to see how different companies approach problems and develop their own understanding further. Working with our partners and contacts, we gather news of relevant developments in the industry, be it from manufacturers, system integrators, broadcasters or program makers... And all of this information is used in our courses. 

The Training for TV team are all highly committed trainers as well as broadcasters. They each have a long track record of teaching and love sharing their knowledge and skills. If you attend a Training for TV course, you will meet with a trainer who is keen, passionate and dedicated to helping you learn.

We look forward to working with you.

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